Brezen, jeste tam budem
April 15-16, 2016

Game Access 2016

After a year of development, we released v0.39 and attended Game Access '16 (~International Game Developers Summit). From You - players, we received positive feedback and many many suggestions for improvements: ui, gameplay and graphics. Thank You!
We have also started to build up our social identity on: facebook, twitter, youtube.

March 22, 2015

Join Peopula...

Version "Peopula" is here, which is dedicated to all of our loyal players! Many of you have requested game character bios and information! Check out Gulopedia! Here you can combine many units, and see what character upgrades mutations are possible. Many thanks for your support!

February 17, 2015

J3ndo! Aletyfurtstim :)

Get ready for another alpha version, "Aletyfurtstim". Here you will find the following: New tentacle units, Fireball player's spell, Updated maps, The ability to randomly select your race, Graphics fixes. You can download this version of the game by clicking on the link in the "downloads" section. Many thanks for your support!

February 1, 2015

Eyjafjallajökull erupted!

The long-awaited Eyjafjallajökull is here! Another alpha version brings you unique races, increased game control, and more! Everyone who has an active forum account can download this version of the game. If you don't have an account yet, please visit our facebook page and write us and we will set you up with an account as soon as possible. Many thanks for your support!

May 25, 2014

Žaneta is alive!

After a momentary pause, we are now bringing you a new version of the game: codename Žaneta. Here you will find: Computer opponents, New maps, unit's animations and much more!

March 9, 2014

Evžen is comming...

and bringing basic game statistics, new maps and the ability for network play through WiFi!

I like Straitjacket Entertainment the Gula game
October 28, 2013

Studio facebook!

We're a new world and we're on fejsbůk :-)
Chat with the creators of Gula, tell us your thoughts and suggestions, and of course, setup matches and play via facebook!



for: Large screens

Designed for large size screens or high resolution screens (hdpi, xhdpi, large, xlarge).

Android v.3.2 and greather with big displayScreens ~ hdpi, xhdpi
Android v.2.3 and lower with big displayScreens ~ hdpi, xhdpi

for: Small/Normal screens

Designed for small or medium-sized screens ideally with normal resolution (mdpi, normal).

Android v.3.2+ and greather with normal displayScreens ~ mdpi
Android v.2.3 and lower with normal displayScreens ~ mdpi


Windows compatible version


Linux compatible version

Coming soon

  • single player campaign
  • tutorial
  • sounds and music
  • AI (~Artificial intelligence)
  • match-making (~MultiPlayer)

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